Owns years of experiences in the hardware industries, all our products
undergo rigorous selection and control for shipment in the highest
standards and receives high recognition for its product quality.


Every day is a day worth celebrating. Our products will help you
easily organize an interesting party filled with fun and good
memories. Those who like to decorate parties will find
our selected merchandises satisfying.

BOLNUS specializes in providing high-quality products
from Taiwan, China and Vietnam to clients.



BOLNUS still stands firm in midst of intense competition of Chinese market. The company offers products promptly such as daily suppliers, festival decoration and gifts, and party costumes, serving as the quality supplier that can most meet client requirements. As for wood and fabric products, the company owns special collaborating factories that take consideration of both quality and price, providing you with the best option.

Taiwan (Hardware)

The service scope consists mainly of screws, nuts and washers in addition to taking customization services. All factories are located in Taiwan and the products have been marketed to Japan for years, receiving profound trust from the clients.

Taiwan (Groceries)

Paper is commonly seen in daily life and also the key to progress for industries. Paper produced in Taiwan is made with high quality and mature printing technology, which can be applied to the development of various products. We encourage all industries to consult with us for paper related products.


BOLNUS’s factory in Vietnam mainly offers professional plastics injection products and cooperates with well-known brand such as Colgate and other major companies. The precision equipment of the factory produces excellent and stable quality products. Customized products are also welcome.